Job Profile:      Aircraft Technical Cleaner

Service aircraft with fuel. May de-ice aircraft, refill water and cooling agents, empty sewage tanks, service air and oxygen systems, or clean and polish exterior.

Job Information
36,410 38,160 59,050

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Change aircraft oil, coolant, or other fluids. Clean aircraft interiors by picking up waste, wiping down windows, or vacuuming. Climb ladders to reach aircraft surfaces to be cleaned.
Complete forms describing tasks completed. De-grease aircraft exteriors. Empty aircraft lavatory systems or refill them with sanitizer fluid.
Guide aircraft to designated areas using hand signals, batons, or other methods. Inspect aircraft components to locate cracks, breaks, leaks, or other problems. Load baggage or cargo for crew or passengers.
Mix cleaning compounds or solutions. Polish aircraft exteriors. Radio to flight dispatchers or other personnel to discuss incoming or outgoing aircraft.
Refill aircraft potable water tanks. Refuel aircraft using hoses connected to fuel trucks. Remove exhaust stains from aircraft using cleaning fluids.
Tow aircraft to gates or hangars using tugs, tractors, or other vehicles. Wash the aircraft exteriors using lifts, cranes, detergent, or other equipment.

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